Fusion is a program I initially developed for myself to bulletproof my body against injury (not literal bullets), I needed to build strength while still maintaining my mobility. Since then I have taught Fusion to numerous clients with incredible results. 


Combining callisthenics, vinyasa flows & pilates elements I have created a program that will help you to explore your bodies strengths & weaknesses, and build upon them. Leaving your body resilient, strong and able to move freely through a massively increased ROM.

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Ever heard the saying "too much of a good thing", well it's legit. After years of

too much yoga and not much else my body started to object, initially just a small twinge in my lower back... soon developing into a full blown injury. I couldn't squat, I couldn't lunge, sometimes even walking caused me pain! Apparently my body was too flexible but it didn't have the strength to support such range of motion. 

But every cloud and all that, this is when I started to create what would become Fusion. I started to put less focus into flexibility and more into building strength to support my joints. My own practice and the classes I teach to my students & clients have massively changed, with amazing results all round. 


What People Say

James, 34

I started Jordan's classes after having been recommended Pilates by my physio for a bad back I'd struggled with for years. I preferred the sound of Fusion over Pilates and since starting my pain has completely gone.


Since having a baby 2 years ago I've not had much of a core. Jordan's classes have been amazing at building back the strength I'd lost and I'm feeling more toned than I did before I was pregnant.

Claire, 48

Jordan is amazing! Her classes are so varied and fun, she knows just how to challenge us the right amount so that we work hard but aren't so put out to discourage us. She always keeps me coming back.

Each program runs for 6 weeks, all consisting of six 45 minute videos, 1 for each week. You can complete the sessions as many times as you like ideally at least 4 times a week. This will allow your body time to learn the movements and build strength. In each program the sessions will become progressively harder, adding complexity, requiring more strength and mobility.

Familiarise yourself with the poses, build foundational strength & mobility


Start putting your strength & flexibility to the test with more challenging flows


Introducing power into the practice, get explosive & learn to fly!


Train with me

All of the videos are in real time as if I were right there with you in the studio, giving you cues as they happen making sure you get the most from each session and keep your body safe.

Yoga Mat & Blocks

Kettlebell & Dumbells

Resistance Band

Pilates Ring

What You'll Need...