Train with me online, group sessions and private sessions avaiable.bespoke to each individual, whether you want to train with weights in the gym or just a yoga mat at home I will work with you to create and execute a program that feels right for you and gets you the results you want. Ultimately I want to work with you, to teach you all you need to know until you no longer need me, not to say you will no longer want me, it's always nice having someone along for the journey...

Private Sessions Live & Online

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Ever heard the saying "too much of a good thing", well it's true. After years of

too much yoga and not much else my body started to object, initially just a small twinge in my lower back... soon developing into a full blown injury. I couldn't squat, I couldn't lunge, sometimes even walking caused me pain! Apparently my body was too flexible but it didn't have the strength to support such range of motion. 

But every cloud and all that, I started to put less focus into flexibility and more into building strength to support my joints, taking my training off the mat and into the weights room... My own practice, my clients training and the classes I teach to have massively changed, with amazing results all round. Eventually taking it full circle and back to the mat combining weight training, yoga and pilates to create what would become my signature concept, Fusion.


What People Say

James, 34

I started Jordan's classes after having been recommended Pilates by my physio for a bad back I'd struggled with for years. I preferred the sound of Fusion over Pilates and since starting my pain has completely gone.

Sadie, 29

Since having a baby 2 years ago I've not had much of a core. Jordan's classes have been amazing at building back the strength I'd lost and I'm feeling more toned than I did before I was pregnant.

Claire, 48

Jordan is amazing! Her classes are so varied and fun, she knows just how to challenge us the right amount so that we work hard but aren't so put out to discourage us. She always keeps me coming back.

Well I can't say it's unexpected but it's a bit of a disappointment... still, we did it before, we can do it again. So for the duration of lockdown I will initially be running two Fusion classes each week. All classes will be streamed live via Zoom. Pay £10 per class or pay upfront for the month and keep yourself accountable! If class times don't work with you I can offer private group classes at a time more suited to you, or if you are looking for something more tailored check out my other services below.

Lockdown 2.0

Train with me...

Choose to join me in real time where I'll be right there with you, giving you cues as they happen making sure you get the most from each session and keeping your body safe. Or opt for pre-recorded sessions you can do again and again.

On the mat

Combining calisthenics, vinyasa flows & pilates elements I have created a program that will help you to explore your bodies strengths & weaknesses, and build upon them. Leaving your body resilient, strong and able to move freely through a massively increased ROM. 



Sweaty Vinyasa, challenging Hatha or something more Restorative... combine movement with breathwork and mindfulness for a practice that goes beyond the physical.


Focus on building strength with small controlled movements, increasing joint stability and improving posture. 

In the (home) gym 

Each client gets their own unique training program which will take into considerations the equipment and environment available.
Some equipment you will need on the mat...
(but can always do without)
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Single Dumbbell

You will need

Whether you're working toward a specific skill, want to build strength and mobility, or recovering from or working with an injury. Whatever your personal circumstance, I will work with you to create a Personalised Training Program, including video tutorials and weekly

check-ins, giving you the guidance and accountably you need. Click here for more information. If you would prefer to train with me in "real life" please get in touch directly. 

Sessions Available in London