For the past 10 months its been a bit of a rollercoaster! Gyms are open, gyms are closed, classes are cancelled but the gyms are open... oh no wait no more gym for you! It has been so hard to stay consistent with all the changing of the rules. So I'm taking control of what I can, if the gyms open in Feb then great but I'm not holding my breath.

Now I know New Years Resolutions get a bad rap but its human nature to want to implement change at the start of a new week or month or a new year, and I am no different.

Introducing my

Consistency in the New Normal

6 Week Program

Jordan K.jpg

Ever heard the saying "too much of a good thing", well it's true. After years of

too much yoga and not much else my body started to object, initially just a small twinge in my lower back... soon developing into a full blown injury. I couldn't squat, I couldn't lunge, sometimes even walking caused me pain! Apparently my body was too flexible but it didn't have the strength to support such range of motion. 

But every cloud and all that, I started to put less focus into flexibility and more into building strength to support my joints, taking my training off the mat and into the weights room... My own practice, my clients training and the classes I teach to have massively changed, with amazing results all round. Eventually taking it full circle and back to the mat combining weight training, yoga and pilates to create what would become my signature concept, Fusion.

What People Say

James, 34

I started Jordan's classes after having been recommended Pilates by my physio for a bad back I'd struggled with for years. I preferred the sound of Fusion over Pilates and since starting my pain has completely gone.

Sadie, 29

Since having a baby 2 years ago I've not had much of a core. Jordan's classes have been amazing at building back the strength I'd lost and I'm feeling more toned than I did before I was pregnant.

Claire, 48

Jordan is amazing! Her classes are so varied and fun, she knows just how to challenge us the right amount so that we work hard but aren't so put out to discourage us. She always keeps me coming back.

Most New Years Resolutions last a full 12 days! I've created this 6 week program not to only help you get past the 12 day mark but to instil training as part of your lifestyle forever, and hopefully make it a part of your daily routine that you actually enjoy!

The 6 weeks will be a mix of both live online group classes and a written program that you can follow on your own, at your own intensity and ability.

Starting January 4th 2021

Consistency in the New Normal

What a week looks like...

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays you will be provided with a home training plan focusing on building strength, muscular endurance and increasing cardiovascular fitness without jumping up and down in your living room...

3x Home Training

2x Fusion

Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30am live Fusion sessions via Zoom*.

Combining calisthenics, vinyasa flows & pilates elements, to create a high energy class that will leave your body resilient, strong and able to move freely through a massively increased ROM. 

1x Slow Flow Yoga

Sundays 10am live super chilled Vinyasa via Zoom* to help restore the body, gently stretch and end the week blissfully relaxed.

*all Zoom sessions are recorded if you cannot make the live times.

What you'll need...

As it's no longer looking like a short hiatus from the gym it's well worth investing in some essential home gym equipment. However I have done my best to kept the necessary equipment to a minimum.
(If you don't have all the equipment listed I have included alternative exercises in the program)
For Fusion/Yoga

Yoga Mat & Blocks

Single Dumbbell (4 - 6kg)

Loop Resistance Band (Glute Band)

Yoga Strap (or belt)

For Home Training

Set of heavier Dumbbells (8 - 12kg)

Kettlebell (12 - 16kg)

Suspension Trainer (TRX, etc)

Starting January 4th 2021